i-PRO Extreme

Introducing the Panasonic i-PRO Extreme platform, a native end-to-end H.265 system that delivers extreme enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence.

Introducing the Panasonic i-PRO Extreme platform, a native end-to-end H.265 system that delivers extreme enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence.

The new i-PRO Extreme platform is available in the new line up of i-PRO cameras, recorders and management software delivering Extreme Performance Under Extreme Condition. i-PRO Extreme provides demonstrable enhancements in visibility, compression, reliability and data security. Key technology enhancements delivered by i-PRO Extreme include:

EXTREME VISIBILITY: Captures the highest quality images automatically even in very dynamic and challenging lighting environments and includes:

  • Intelligent Auto Mode: Continuously monitors scene dynamics and motion to automatically adjust key camera settings in real-time, optimizing captured images and reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.
  • 144dB Enhanced Super Dynamic Range: New industry-leading 144dB dynamic range performance delivers balanced scene exposure in highly dynamic and extreme-backlit lighting environments.
  • Color Night Vision: Delivers outstanding low-light performance (0.008 to 0.015 lux) with accurate color rendition and saturation from i-PRO’s 1/3" sensor, rivaling the performance of costlier 1/2" sensor cameras.


EXTREME COMPRESSION: Industry standard H.265 coupled with Panasonic’s Smart Coding technology delivers the highest quality images at the lowest bitrates. 

  • H.265 Compression: Industry standard H.265 compression delivers high quality images while reducing streaming and storage requirements by approximately 50 percent over H.264.
  • Smart Coding: Working on top of H.265, Smart Coding with GOP Control reduces bandwidth even further on relatively still scenes while Auto-VIQs (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area) analyzes scenes automatically for motion and intelligently reduces bandwidth requirements even further for a combined efficiency of up to an 75 percent over H.264.
  • Smart Facial Coding: High performance face detection technology in the camera automatically detects faces in a scene and encodes those regions at the highest quality, ensuring clear identification.


EXTREME RELIABILITY: Delivers low failure rates and redundancy along with Panasonic’s  i-PRO Preferred warranty program for unmatched service enhancements and support.

  • HDD Dynamic Power Control: HDD power control technology built into new WJ-NX400 recorders intelligently and dynamically powers down HDD’s without risking recording loss, while extending HDD life up to seven years (depending on environment and usage).
  • Auto-Failover: New WJ-NX400 recorders can be connected in tandem to enable seamless recording redundancy for mission critical applications.
  • 5 Year Warranty: Panasonic’s i-PRO Preferred program adds an additional two years to the factory 3-year warranty on i-PRO cameras for a total of five years and includes Priority Advanced Exchange*.
  • H.264 Backward Compatibility: New H.265 enabled cameras include H.264 compatibility modes enabling customers to migrate portions of their system to the new standard at their own pace. This allows users to maximize existing investments in H.264 products while reducing overall TCO and helping to future proof their networks.


EXTREME DATA SECURITY: i-PRO’s Secure Communication Suite ensures robust end-to-end IP security of the i-PRO Extreme based surveillance network.

  • Secure Communication: Because every device with an IP address is potentially vulnerable, i-PRO Extreme with Secure Communication now offers an additional layer of network based protection including a PC-level security suite, embedded in all new i-PRO Extreme Cameras, Recorders and Management Software for robust data and communications encryption.
  • FIPS Certified: i-PRO Extreme products meet the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1, as required for FBI and Public Safety use.


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