Consultants, Architects & Designers

Your project deserves your best. That’s why Panasonic is dedicated to making the job of Consultants, Architects and Designers (CADs) easier by providing better solutions for you and your clients. 

    The Panasonic Partner Portal provides easy access to the latest information and resources for Panasonic’s leading product lines for Professional Video, Visual Systems (Projectors and Professional Displays) and Security Systems.

    Resources on the Partner Portal includes but not limited to:

    • Panasonic product information, accessories and technical resource files
    • List pricing
    • Relevant news and events
    • Advance information about upcoming products
    • BIM Revit files
    • CAD files

    The first step in becoming a Panasonic CAD member is the completion of the online registration form. You can submit your registration form and access all related information on the Panasonic Partner Portal by clicking here.

    The information requested in this form will allow us to better identify areas of interest and relevancy to you. Upon receipt of your completed form, a member of the Panasonic sales team will contact you. If you're looking to become an authorized reseller, please return to the homepage of the Panasonic Partner Portal and begin your Reseller Application process.

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Panasonic CAD member.